30 minutes panoramic flight in Porto Vecchio (Corse)

Bonifacio (Sea) helicopter tour in Corsica

From Porto-Vecchio, discover the city of Bonifacio, its white and luminous limestone cliffs with contours eroded by the winds, before flying over the Gulf of Spérone, the ford of Piantarella and then the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands.

You will then discover the wild coast, the bays of Rondinara, Sta Giulia, Palombaggia before entering the gulf of Porto Vecchio by the Chiappa, to discover, nestled on its north-western side, the “Cita di sale” and its salt marshes which gave it its name

Fly over different viewpoints and extraordinary landscapes with panoramic flights

HeliSudCorse offers you a wide range of panoramic flights to fly over different viewpoints and extraordinary landscapes! We have no idea how much we can fly over by helicopter until we get on board!

Panoramic Flight
Circuit Bonifacio

Flight time : 30 minutes
250 Per person
  • Flight over the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands
  • From the Helistation of Porto-Vecchio
  • Privatized flight possible from 5 persons